Apple Vision Pro launches in February, and we have more details about it

Apple Vision Pro launches in February, and we have more details about it

Tim Cook has just made official the launch date of Apple's most important product for 2024: the Apple Vision Pro. In June we learned about this company's bet, mixed reality glasses that aim to mark a before and after in the sector. Far from concepts such as Meta's Quest Pro, the Vision Pro will be a computer in front of our eyes.

The Vision Pro will be released on February 2, when they will start to be marketed in the United States. There is no news, for the moment, about what will happen in other countries.

The Apple Vision Pro is, according to analysts, an equivalent to what happened ten years ago with the Apple Watch. A green product, in its initial phase, but which will establish a clear reference and path to follow when it comes to understanding mixed reality technologies.

They have a polished glass viewfinder, aluminum body, 4K resolution with micro-OLED technology (23 megapixels) and are able to track eye movements accurately. The technological arsenal that accompanies them is not small: they mount the same M2 chip as Apple computers, accompanied by a processor dedicated to the input of cameras, sensors and microphones.

For those users who suffer from vision problems, Apple will offer a series of standard prescription lenses that will be available for an additional $99. Those interested in custom prescription Vision Pro lenses will have to pay an extra fee of $149.

Its operating system will be VisionOS, an interface that blends the best of iOS and Mac to adapt to the glasses. The price in the United States for these glasses will be $3,499, one of the most expensive products in Apple's portfolio. If we need to adapt them with prescription, the price goes up $149. For the moment, there is no official price or news about their landing in Europe.