Accessibility Shortcuts: Unveiling the 'Describe Photo' Shortcut

Accessibility Shortcuts: Unveiling the 'Describe Photo' Shortcut

The Apple shortcuts community continues to advance to improve accessibility and convenience in various aspects of our lives. One of the latest innovations that has caught attention is the "Describe Photo" shortcut, developed by @Aaron_Stormerr, is a revolutionary tool designed to provide detailed descriptions of images using artificial intelligence. In this article, we'll explore how this Apple shortcut improve the way we interact with our photos, providing accurate and accessible descriptions with just a few taps on the screen.

What is Describe Photo?

Describe Photo is a shortcut for Apple devices that uses the power of OpenAI's artificial intelligence, specifically the GPT-4 model, to generate detailed image descriptions. This tool, created with the purpose of helping people with visual impairments, has proven to be an innovative solution for a variety of users, from those looking for a quick way to tag their photos to those who want a more inclusive experience.

How Does it Work?

The operation of Describe Photo is simple and efficient:

  1. Capture or Select a Photo: With just a few taps, users can either take a new photo or select one from their library.
  2. Request a Description (Optional): If desired, users can include an optional question related to the image to get a more precise description.
  3. AI Processing: Once the photo is selected, the shortcut sends the image and any associated questions to OpenAI's powerful GPT-4 artificial intelligence model for processing.
  4. Receive a Detailed Description: Within seconds, the user receives a detailed description of the image in the form of a pop-up message on the screen, enabling quick understanding of the visual content.

Additional Features and Accessibility

In addition to its primary function of providing image descriptions, Describe Photo offers several additional features that further enhance its utility and accessibility:

  • Image Saving: Users can save processed images to their selected photo album, facilitating future access to the generated descriptions.
  • Inclusion of Additional Photos: For situations requiring multiple images for a more comprehensive description you can attach additional photos in their responses.
  • Compatibility with Apple Devices: Describe Photo is designed to be compatible with a variety of Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac, ensuring a seamless experience across multiple platforms.

If you want to know more and try this shortcut, we recommend you to go to the shortcut page on Routinehub.co, the developer has left a very complete guide.


We love to highlight these types of shortcuts that prioritize accessibility, in addition to being quite ingenious.

Describe Photo is more than just a simple shortcut: it's a tool that improves accessibility, productivity, and user experience. By providing detailed image descriptions using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, this shortcut has proven to be invaluable for a wide range of users. If you're looking to simplify photo description and make the most of your images, look no further than Describe Photo. Try it today and discover how it can transform the way you interact with your photos!