Harness the features of New Wallet Automations with this Shortcut

Harness the features of New Wallet Automations with this Shortcut

With the arrival of iOS 17, Apple has introduced new features for the Shortcuts app. Perhaps the most intriguing one is Transactions, which has the potential to be very useful in so many situations.. When you use Apple Pay to make a purchase, the transaction details can be sent to a spreadsheet of your own.

It is specifically Apple Pay rather than, say, Apple Card, so anything you buy online, or any time you use your iPhone or your Apple Watch in a store, that data can be saved.

Users have harnessed this innovation to create incredible shortcuts that make everyday life more convenient. In particular, Routinehub user @_heyjhoow has developed a shortcut that maximizes the use of Automation Transactions to create approximate monthly credit card statements.

Approximate Credit Card Bill

Approximate Credit Card Bill is an example of what can be achieved with Wallet Automations in the Shortcuts app. This shortcut is designed to generate approximate monthly credit card statements. What functions does it provide?

  1. Currency Conversion: The shortcut can handle different currencies. This is crucial as different cards may have different currencies. The shortcut takes care of the conversion automatically and accurately.
  2. Monthly Task Automation: Creating a monthly credit card statement can be a repetitive task. With this shortcut, the creation of the statement is automated, saving time and ensuring that important details are not overlooked.
  3. Prompt with Approximate Monthly Value: Once the process is completed, the shortcut creates a prompt with the approximate value of the credit card statement for the current month.

How to Use Approximate Credit Card Bill

We recommend reading the documentation that is inside the shortcut once you have added it to your shortcuts library to use it correctly.

Final Thoughts

Approximate Credit Card Bill is a brilliant example of how Wallet Automations in the Shortcuts app of iOS 17 can simplify and enhance our lives. Automating the creation of approximate monthly credit card statements with currency conversion and notifications of the monthly value is a significant advancement in personal financial management and will serve as inspiration for more shortcuts using this automation.

Note: Always remember to be careful when using any shortcut that has access to your transactions or private information.