How to develop your first shortcut.

How to develop your first shortcut.
Photo by Per Lööv / Unsplash

When people are new to shortcuts it can feel a bit overwhelming ,looking at all the available actions and pre-made shortcuts out there. When RoutineHub started a few years back and the first shortcut got published it all started.

The first shortcut

Fairly simple and developed for iOS12 titled "Default Settings"
Yes agreed, it's simple and the comments on the mentioned shortcut state the same. However you could learn a lesson from this, it doesn't have to be expert level to be useful.

The shortcut is developed by user Hmh which is the previous owner of RoutineHub Harley Hicks.

But how does this apply to me ?

Let me tell you, if you really want to build or learn to build amazing shortcuts just start. Because there is no wrong way. You can either start by looking at the shortcuts provided by Apple within the app. Or if you are looking for something more challenging look at the shortcuts published on the site. Just take them all apart and see how actions influence each other. If you get stuck or are unclear on how to achieve your goals just ask.

Any recommendations?

Well yes, i can recommend lot's of shortcuts to start out with. However it's entirely up to you and your goals. So i can't really name anything specific because it's all about preferences and goals.

In conclusion

I'm hopeful that i helped you getting some guidelines for starting out with shortcuts. My name is Martin and i have been given the chance to write for the RoutineHub blog. I also write about Shortcuts and Tech related subjects on my own blog www.martindb.net