iOS 18 beta 2 now available: discover all the new features that have arrived on the iPhone

iOS 18 beta 2 now available: discover all the new features that have arrived on the iPhone

Presenting all the new features of iOS 18 beta 2, a version released just two weeks after the first beta of this new operating system for iPhone. This update includes some interesting features and, most importantly, significant bug fixes that the first version, released on June 10th, had.

Apple In this article, we will list the new features introduced in iOS 18 beta 2 so that you are aware of the additions in this new version. However, there is bad news if you reside in the EU, as some functionalities, such as iPhone Mirroring, which allows you to use the iPhone from the Mac, will not be available this year.

What's new in iOS 18 beta 2

Below, we detail in list form all the new features of iOS 18 beta 2 that have come to the iPhone, so you can easily and quickly know them:

iPhone Mirroring: This feature allows you to control the iPhone from the Mac. Although it is already available, it will not be implemented in Europe this year. Remember that Apple announced that this feature, along with the new SharePlay feature, will not reach users in the region during this year.

RCS in Messages: Although it seems that carriers are beginning to activate it, the activation switch is already available in the settings.

Dark mode App Store icon: The App Store icon now has a dark mode version, with a black background and a blue 'A'.

New Wallet app widget: A new widget called Connected Cards has been added, although it still seems to be inoperative.

Changes in the Passwords app: A new '+' button has been introduced to add passwords more easily. In the previous beta, it was necessary to navigate to see all the passwords.

Small change in the Control Center: When pressing the button to turn off the iPhone, a more pronounced vibration is now perceived.

DMA changes in iPadOS 18: The second beta of iOS 18 has added compatibility with third-party app markets and the ability to download apps directly from the Internet.

In addition to these new features, bugs have also been fixed, such as lag when typing with the keyboard, excessive sensitivity of the Control Center that put it in edit mode when invoked, and an error that prevented assigning shortcuts as a quick access from the lock screen. It seems to be a version that has brought both new features and bug fixes.

Let’s remember that the public beta of iOS 18 will be released next month, possibly during the second week of July. The current beta is great, and the public one is usually the third for developers so that public testers do not encounter too many problems when testing the beta.