Live Event: Join the discussion with Brandon Jordan, developer behind Cherri

Live Event: Join the discussion with Brandon Jordan, developer behind Cherri

Join us for an exclusive live event on Discord, hosted by the RoutineHub Shortcuts community! This is your chance to interact in real-time with Brandon Jordan, the creator of Cherri, the innovative programming language specifically designed to create and manage Apple Shortcuts more efficiently and scalably.

Who is Brandon Jordan?

Brandon Jordan is a prominent developer known for his passion and dedication in the field of automation and programming. He is the brains behind Cherri, a language that allows developers to work on more complex projects related to Apple Shortcuts, simplifying processes that were previously tedious and limited. His focus on improving the accessibility and functionality of automation tools has revolutionized how we interact with technology on our Apple devices.

About Cherri:

Cherri is an open-source programming language that compiles directly into executable Apple Shortcut files, offering support for scripting, media handling, and document manipulation among others. This tool has been designed to enhance the scalability and maintainability of shortcuts, making it easier for developers to create more complex automations without sacrificing efficiency.

Event Details:

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn directly from an innovator in the field of automation technology. We look forward to seeing you there to explore new possibilities with Cherri and receive expert tips from Brandon Jordan!