Must Try Shortcuts for Developers Who Want to Push The Envelope

Must Try Shortcuts for Developers Who Want to Push The Envelope

Five of the most noteworthy Shortcuts for developers. Try these Shortcuts to help automate your workflows and make tasks easier while improving productivity.


Merge cuts is perfect for that developer that has countless shortcuts and is looking for a way to easily copy over actions without starting all from scratch. With Mergecuts you can easily automate these and various other actions, easily transferring actions between shortcuts.


Adds a plethora of features you didn't know you needed in Safari. Unlock Safari's full potential with ad blocker, dark mode, text editor, view page source code, download multimedia and many more.


RoutinePub is a collaborative effort between Harley Hicks, creator of RoutineHub.co , and Mike Beasley, creator of UpdateKit . They teamed up to create the first and only all-in-one solution for publishing shortcuts, new releases and updates alike.

RoutinePub is an essential shortcut for any developer who wants to publish their work directly to RoutinePub. This makes it easier for authors to update their shortcuts in a central repository where anyone can find them and for users to keep their shortcuts up to date.

Dictionary Action Builder

This is an amazing tool to make it easier to merge complex dictionaries with new elements or just to make a shortcut look "cleaner".

Dictionary Action Builder converts JSON text into native dictionary or list actions and vice versa. It can also merge several dictionary actions into one.

According to its creator, here's what he tells us about Dictionary Action Builder.

This shortcut helps you create complex dictionary actions in Shortcuts. You can write and test dictionaries in JSON-style text, e.g. {"name":"bong","happy":true}, and later use this tool to convert them to native actions, avoiding painful steps in building multi-level actions manually.

Arrays, e.g. ["hello", "world"], can also be converted to list actions. It can convert multiple objects, e.g. {} [2, 3] {"say":"hi"}, at once and accepts (text, json, pdf, etc) files or text selection through a share sheet or file picker, or copied text in the clipboard.

Quick Look HTML Generator

No coding experience is required to make beautiful HTMLs for your shortcuts. With this tool you can make some custom HTML for the design of your Shortcuts such as splash screens. Perfect for those who are not familiar with HTML and coding. It's even a great bridge to learn HTML and get more interested in coding.

MediaKit iPhone Mockups

Perfect shortcut for developers who need to see how their work looks on various device models. It works to make sure your work displays correctly on any iPhone.

The mockups serve to give the visitor to your RoutineHub shortcut page an impression of what to expect. You can also use the mockups to support the description text.