Start using GPT-3 Chat with this amazing Apple shortcut

Start using GPT-3 Chat with this amazing Apple shortcut

The GPT-3 shortcut is a powerful tool that allows you to access a wide variety of information quickly and easily. With this shortcut, you can get recipes for your favorite dishes, learn about historical events and people, find websites, and even access programming scripts. The possibilities are endless with the power of GPT-3.


One of the most unique features of this shortcut is the ability to eject water from your speakers! With this feature, you can create a fun and interactive experience for yourself or others.

Another great feature of this shortcut is its ability to support contextual conversations. This means that the shortcut can understand the context of your request and provide relevant information based on that context. This is particularly useful for programming, as you can easily access the code you need without having to search through multiple websites.

The shortcut is also designed to be user-friendly, with all responses being put directly into your clipboard for easy access. This eliminates the need to switch between different tabs or apps, saving you valuable time.

Moreover, unlike many other shortcuts and services, this one is completely ad-free and doesn't require your money. This means that you can use it without worrying about unwanted ads or pop-ups.

Overall, the GPT-3 shortcut is a versatile and useful tool that can make your life easier. Whether you're a student, a programmer, or just someone who loves to learn new things, this shortcut can help you access the information you need quickly and easily.

It's available to download on RoutineHub.co, you can enjoy the benefits of this shortcut right away!