The new Action button on iPhone 15 Pro: A new level of Shortcut Integration.

The new Action button on iPhone 15 Pro: A new level of Shortcut Integration.

The official announcement of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max during Apple's September keynote brought many surprises, with one of the standout features being the introduction of an innovative Action button, signifying a significant shift in design and functionality for the iPhone.

The Action Button

For many shortcut enthusiasts, the star of the new iPhone is the new Action button, a feature that had been the subject of numerous rumors before its official unveiling. This small side button has been designed to be multifunctional, which means its capabilities are diverse and adaptable according to user preferences.

Highlighted Functions of the iPhone 15 Pro's Action Button

Accessibility: The button allows quick access to various accessibility settings, including Zoom, AssistiveTouch, VoiceOver, Live Speech, and more. This facilitates device usage for individuals with different accessibility needs and preferences.

Silent Mode: The action button retains the traditional function of muting sound, an essential feature that has been part of iPhones since their early generations.

Camera Flash: It enables quick and convenient activation or deactivation of the camera flash.

Camera: The action button can be used to take photos, selfies, or start video recording on the iPhone 15 Pro, making it easier to capture important moments.

Focus Modes: It is also useful for enabling and disabling focus modes available in iOS 17, helping users stay focused on what truly matters.

Magnifier: You can use the button to toggle the magnifier function in the operating system's user interface, making it easier to view details.

Translate: This button allows you to open Apple's Translate app and start a conversation or translate text quickly and easily.

Voice Memos: For audio recording enthusiasts, the action button is ideal for starting or stopping voice memo recording in the iOS 17 Voice Memos app.

Shortcuts: Without a doubt, it's the icing on the cake, showcasing incredible possibilities with the integration of the Action button and Shortcuts.

Using Shortcuts with the Action Button

Customizing the use of the action button is straightforward. Users can access the "Settings" app and configure which functions they want to assign to the action button located on the side.

As seen in the iPhone 15 Pro presentation, users will be able to select which shortcuts will be triggered when performing a long press on the button.

This undoubtedly opens up new horizons for Shortcuts integration with iOS and shortcut usage.

Furthermore, this integration represents Apple's unique promotion of shortcut usage, reaching users who may have never used shortcuts before.

Classic Switch Remains in Other Models

It's important to note that despite the introduction of the action button in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models will continue to feature the iconic traditional side sound switch, providing users with a choice in terms of design and functionality.

In summary

The introduction of the action button on the new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max represents an exciting change in design and user experience. While the potential limitations remain uncertain, it's hard to imagine the sheer number of cool uses and shortcuts that will be created by the developer community to take advantage of this new feature.