Apple to Announce Gemini Integration on iOS This Fall

ChatGPT won't be the only chatbot coming to the iPhone: Apple is expected to announce the integration of Gemini and Anthropic this fall.

Apple to Announce Gemini Integration on iOS This Fall

If you were disappointed that, so far, only the integration of ChatGPT on the iPhone had been announced, I have good news: Apple will announce the integration of a new language model this fall. In other words, the bitten apple company will announce the arrival of Google Gemini to devices compatible with its AI.

Apple In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, analyst Mark Gurman indicated that Apple has begun the development of iOS 19, which has no plans to integrate Apple Intelligence into the HomePod and will announce the integration of Gemini this fall, meaning ChatGPT won't be the only chatbot arriving, as expected.

Google Gemini will also be part of Apple Intelligence

The arrival of Google Gemini has been rumored since before the arrival of OpenAI's ChatGPT. In fact, Apple’s Vice President of Software, Craig Federighi, hinted at an agreement between the company and Google for the integration of Gemini into devices that will be able to run Apple Intelligence functions.

In fact, Gemini wouldn't be the only language model coming to the iPhone, as several options are expected, including Anthropic. Mark Gurman also expects Apple to announce an agreement with this company at some point, if not also this fall. Meta also wanted to join the party, but Apple ruled out that option due to privacy concerns.

ChatGPT on the iPhone ChatGPT will be integrated as part of Apple Intelligence on the iPhone Beyond the integration of various chatbots as part of Apple Intelligence, the company wants its AI functions to be a way to generate more revenue. Mark Gurman suggests that in the future, the functions that are part of the company's new AI system will become part of a new subscription service.

But don't panic, because that won't happen for a long time. Let's remember that, at first, Apple Intelligence will only be available in English and not all functions will arrive this year; we will have to wait until 2025. So the subscription service will be in the distant future.