How to view YouTube video dislikes on iOS with a simple Shortcut

Viewing the "Dislikes" of videos uploaded to YouTube is possible. Just add a shortcut to your device to have access to this information.

How to view YouTube video dislikes on iOS with a simple Shortcut

Tired of not being able to see the "Dislike" indicator of the videos you watch every day on YouTube? If your answer is "yes", you no longer need to put up with the abrupt and even unnecessary changes that Google makes to most of its services.

Thanks to a browser extension, quite simple to install and use, you will be able to see the dislikes of a YouTube video again.

Although Google removed this information to try to take care of content creators, the reception from users has not been good at all. Moreover, the frustration was transferred to the comments of the videos, because when content is disliked by most people, they let it be known in this section.

How to see again the dislikes of a YouTube video

Thanks to a browser extension, you will be able to see the "Dislikes" of any YouTube video again.

Currently, the "Dislike" counter has already disappeared completely on all platforms on which YouTube is found (mobile devices, computers and smart TVs). Likewise, and as you surely know, the button to "dislike" a video is still there, although it itself no longer displays any information.

Luckily, you can still know how many "dislikes" a video accumulates approximately with the Shortcut YouTube Dislikes, which will show you the dislikes of a YouTube video. To do this, it uses a kind of registry or database that collects all the "Likes" and "Dislikes", information that you can access through the Return YouTube Dislike API.


If you are interested in how to install this shortcut on your iOS device, we recommend you follow each of the steps below:

  1. The first thing you have to do is go to this link in order to get the Youtube Dislike shortcut from Routine Hub.
  2. Once you have added it to your Shortcut gallery, you are almost done.
  3. Now just go to the Youtube video you want to know the number of dislikes, select "share" and then "copy link", which will paste a "https://youtu.be/" link into your clipboard.
  4. Next, run the YouTube Dislikes shortcut, which returns the "like" count, "dislike" count, and "like" percentage, based on the Return YouTube Dislike data.