Mark down how much, when and what you spent your money on

Mark down how much, when and what you spent your money on

Managing your money is a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! If you're an Apple user, there are some great shortcuts that can help you keep track of what you spent, save in an organized way, or who owes you. In this article, we'll share two of the best Apple shortcuts to help manage your money in a better way. Get ready to start feeling more confident about your finances!

Mark down how much, when and what you spent your money on

Do you ever find yourself asking, “Where did my money go?” Tracking what you spent your money on can be a tedious task. But it doesn’t have to be! By taking the time to mark down how much, when and what you spent your money on, you can gain control of your financial life.

This practice is essential for anyone looking to manage their finances better. It gives you an accurate picture of where your money is going each month, so that you can make informed decisions about how best to use it. Plus, marking down how much, when and what you spend will help keep spending in check – meaning less impulse buys and more responsible budgeting! Tracking spending habits may seem like a chore at first, but with a little bit of effort and dedication you can learn to master it in no time. Here is a shortcut that can help you:

Spent Money


With this shortcut, you can easily keep track of where, when and how much money you spent. This is great news for those who need to mark down their expenses but don’t want to be bogged down with manual entries or tedious tracking apps. Now all it takes is a few taps from your iPhone and viola! You can quickly record each transaction as it happens.

This amazing shortcut also supports Apple Watch. So if you're looking for an easy way to keep track of your expenses on the go, this is the perfect solution. It's fast and convenient, allowing users to access their records anywhere at any time they need them.

Financially it is important to know who owes you

Financial security starts with understanding who owes you and what money is owed to you. Knowing this information can be the key to unlocking your financial success.

Being aware of who owes you money can help ensure that debtors pay up in a timely manner and also give you an accurate overview of your current financial situation. Keeping track of any debts or payments due allows for immediate action when it comes to collecting payments and gives insight into how much cash flow is available for other expenses. Having a grasp on the amount of money owed to you ensures that funds are allocated responsibly, allowing for more secure investments in the future.

Knowing who owes you provides peace of mind when it comes to finances and gives clarity about where your hard-earned money is going. Being knowledgeable about payments due helps keep finances organized and prevents unpleasant surprises that could disrupt financial stability in the future!

Money Tracker


Are you tired of forgetting that someone owes you money? Don't let it slip your mind again! With this amazing Apple shortcut, you can easily set up a reminder to make sure that the person in question pays what they owe.

This simple financial shortcut allows you to customize a reminder so that no one gets away with not paying their dues. All of your information will be stored securely on Reminders, and a notification will pop up whenever it's time to follow up. Never worry about missing out on funds ever again - this Apple shortcut is here for all of your financial needs!