Remove Cover From Audio File Easily with a Shortcut

Remove Cover From Audio File Easily with a Shortcut

Are you looking for a way to quickly remove the cover art from an audio file? With iOS shortcuts, you can easily remove the image that is associated with your audio files. This article will explain how to use an Apple shortcut to effortlessly remove any cover art from your audio files. You'll be able to strip away images from music and podcast files in no time.

Remove Cover From Audio File


For iPhone users, removing the cover from an audio file just got easier. A new iOS shortcut helps you quickly and easily remove covers from any audio file, with just a few clicks of your phone.

This amazing shortcut was designed by an iOS expert to save time when you need to remove a cover or album art from an mp3 or other audio file. With it, you can quickly and easily remove the artwork in three easy steps: select the source audio file, choose the target folder to save it in, and hit ‘Go’! That’s all there is to it - no more dealing with complicated menus or settings! Plus, this shortcut is totally free for all iOS users.

So if you need to quickly remove covers from your audio files without having to fuss with complex menus, this new super useful iOS shortcut is exactly what you need!

How to use it

These instructions are written directly by the developer on the shortcut page, more information here.

  1. Select an audio file from iCloud Drive among the supported formats, and open the shortcut with the share menu.
  2. In alternative, you can start the shortcut directly and it will ask you to select an audio file.
  3. The shortcut will open the a-Shell Mini app and will run the ffmpeg program to process the file and to remove the cover image without changing the original audio stream.
  4. Wait for the process to finish without touching the screen.
  5. When finished you will be asked where do you want to save the resulting audio file. The output file name will be the same of the source audio file plus the "_nocover" suffix.
  6. DONE! :D

Note that iOS does not show the covers for most of the file formats. You can check the cover opening the file in your favourite audio player. My favourite on iOS is Flacbox.