Top Apple Shortcuts for Athletes

Top Apple Shortcuts for Athletes

As an athlete, it’s important to find every edge you can to improve your performance. Lucky for modern athletes, the tech edge is within reach. Apple products are some of the most widely used around the world, and with the right shortcuts, they can help you with everything from tracking your race training to improving your shooting skills. Read on to discover the top Apple shortcuts that could give you the winning edge.

Comprehensive Health Tracker


With the help of iOS shortcut on routinehub, athletes and fitness enthusiasts can track their health more effectively. This health tracker allows users to monitor their sodium, fluid, weight, heart rate, sleep and steps. It also helps them to track swimming and cycling activities as well as set reminders for taking pills.

This health tracker is a great tool for athletes who are looking to optimize their performance. The data collected from this iOS shortcut can be used to identify areas of improvement in order to maximize performance. Also, it can help athletes stay on top of their fitness goals by providing real-time feedback on progress.

Fitness Tracker


For athletes, tracking their training and measurements is an important part of their daily routine. Keeping a log of their performance and progress can help them stay on track and reach their goals.

Now, there's an easy way to do this with the help of an iOS shortcut. This shortcut allows users to easily track their training and measurements such as heart rate, walking, rowing, cycling, and more. It also integrates with Apple Health to provide a comprehensive view of the user's fitness progress.

This simple iOS shortcut makes it easier for athletes to keep track of their training and measurements without having to manually enter data into a spreadsheet or other tracking software. With this tool, users can quickly access all the information they need about their fitness journey in one place.

Gym/Exercise Timer


Working out is an important part of staying healthy and fit. However, it can be hard to keep track of the time while exercising and to know when to switch between different exercises. That’s why a timer for the gym or any kind of exercise can be so helpful. It can help athletes stay focused and motivated by providing accurate timing for their workouts. Moreover, it can also measure heart rate, track progress, and provide feedback on performance.

With the help of this shortcut, athletes can now easily set up a timer for their gym or any kind of exercise session with just a few taps on their phone screen. This makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your fitness goals!

Workout Picture


With the help of the Data Jar iOS shortcut, you can now easily save your workout activity results in a secure place. This shortcut allows you to take a picture of your workout activity and store it in a secure data jar. This way, you can access your workout information anytime and from anywhere.

The data jar is an innovative way to keep track of all your fitness goals and progress. It enables you to store all your workout pictures along with other important details such as duration, intensity levels, calories burned, etc., so that you can review them later for a better understanding of your fitness journey.

This iOS shortcut is a great tool for those who want to stay motivated and keep track of their progress in an easy and efficient manner. With this app, you can easily monitor your progress over time and make better decisions about how to reach your fitness goals.