Hello, RoutineHub's Apple Shortcuts enthusiasts! Today, we bring you another thrilling video tutorial that unveils the magic of extracting information from your favorite songs with just a few taps. Join us as we create a shortcut named "Song Info" that will elevate your music experience to a whole new level.

Crafting the Shortcut: "Song Info"

In this tutorial, we embark on a journey to create an Apple Shortcuts shortcut that retrieves detailed information from our beloved songs. The adventure begins with the creation of our shortcut, aptly named "Song Info."

First Action: Get Current Song

Our initial action involves selecting "Get Current Song." As you can see, we opt for the Apple Music option, setting the stage for extracting information effortlessly. With this first action in place, we lay the foundation for diving deeper into the details of our favorite tunes.

Second Action: Get Details of Music

Moving on, our second action is to "Get Details of Music." Here, we take a step further by modifying the input field for information. Instead of a static selection like "get artist," we choose flexibility by opting for variables. Specifically, we select "ask each time," ensuring that we can customize our song information retrieval every time we run the shortcut.

Enhancing the Experience: Quick Look Details

To enhance the user experience, we incorporate the "Quick Look" action. We find and type "quick look," selecting the option that says "show details of music in quick look." This step ensures that the retrieved song details are not just obtained but also presented in a visually appealing manner.

Testing the Shortcut: Unveiling a New Artist

Curious to see the magic in action, we test the shortcut with a brand new artist. With a few taps, we invoke the "Song Info" shortcut and select a specific detail—in this case, album artwork. Witness the seamless process as the shortcut fetches the information and presents it promptly.

Enjoy the Video Tutorial

To witness the creation of this musical shortcut and explore how you can extract information from your favorite songs, we invite you to watch our exclusive tutorial video on YouTube.

There you have it—a shortcut that brings a new dimension to your music exploration. We hope this tutorial sparks your creativity and enhances your interaction with your favorite tunes. Don't forget to subscribe, like, and share the video with fellow music enthusiasts!

Embark on the journey of extracting song information with just a few taps. Watch the video tutorial now and discover the wonders of your favorite songs!

Until the next shortcut adventure!

Uncover the Secrets of Your Favorite Songs - Create a Song Info Shortcut with Just a Few Taps!