Universal Bing Wallpaper: Change your Wallpaper Daily on iPhone

Universal Bing Wallpaper: Change your Wallpaper Daily on iPhone

Having a different wallpaper every day on your Apple device can be a very complicated job if you have to set it manually or through Apps that take up unnecessary space on your device. Thanks to a shortcut, we can now automatically set the background to the images that appear daily on Bing.

Universal Bing Wallpaper is a shortcut created by developer @dootskyre from the Routinehub community. This Apple shortcut offers the possibility to automatically change your wallpaper every day with daily wallpapers from Bing, all in stunning 4k resolution.

Stunning 4k Resolution: Visual quality is key, and Universal Bing Wallpaper doesn't skimp on offering wallpapers in stunning 4k resolution. Every detail of Bing's daily images is presented on your iPhone.

Seamless Apple Watch integration: Got an Apple Watch? No problem. This shortcut automatically organises your wallpapers into an album, making them easy to use on your smartwatch as well. Visual consistency between devices has never been easier.

Space Saving: A key advantage of this shortcut is the elimination of the need to download additional apps that take up space on your iPhone. By opting for Universal Bing Wallpaper, you enjoy dynamic wallpapers without compromising storage space or cluttering your device with single-function apps.

Easy setup: Simply set up an automation in the Automations section of Shortcuts to launch Universal Bing Wallpaper when you wake up. Make sure your current wallpaper is a Photo wallpaper for a smooth transition.

How to start using Bing daily wallpapers on Iphone

Download and Install: Get Universal Bing Wallpaper from Routinehub and add it to your shortcuts in the corresponding application on your iPhone.

Device Settings: Make sure to set a photo wallpaper for the shortcut to work properly. Run the Shortcut.

Automating: To automate the wallpaper update, go to Automations under Shortcuts and add a new automation to run this shortcut daily in the morning.

As you can see, this shortcut is a very easy and fun way to personalise your device with a variety of images in the best quality.