Discover how to download Instagram reels on iPhone with Shortcuts

Discover how to download Instagram reels on iPhone with Shortcuts

Instagram is one of the most impactful social networks in the world and it doesn't want to be left behind! But why do we say this?

During the last few years Instagram has positioned itself in the hearts of its users, as it has gone from being "a basic application to share square photos" with your loved ones, to being a source of fun, learning, knowledge and for many of us, it has become a great work tool.

All the developments that we continuously experience in social networks, especially Instagram, has led us to live the digital revolution at its best. Creating new terms, processes and even professions, such as those known as "Instagrammers".

And it is no wonder, with more than 1.5 billion active users and a global reach (except for some Asian countries), the application continues to innovate in its functions to such an extent that we can use many of them to go further and further.

Instagram Reels: the fad that stuck

One of those apps was created to make as much of an impact as TikTok with its short videos (by the way, we have an article you might be interested in: how to download tik tok videos).

And yes, that's right, we are talking about "Reels". A tool that has boosted the use and reach of the application but has also changed the dynamics and operation of the app.

The "Reels", known for being short videos (60 sec - 90 sec) of easy editing and great impact, are revolutionizing Instagram and all its data.

In fact, you've probably seen that some Instagrammers have clamored for the algorithm not to give the greatest importance to reels, as the app has been characterized by uploading static photo posts.

Given this a question arises and it is: how to avoid the growth of a strategy when everything is on track?

Our answer is easy and immediate, get out of the comfort zone and go for all or nothing, in short, have the ability to adapt quickly to the evolution or you will be left behind, if not say it to those fans of reels.

And speaking of instagram fanatics, you've probably asked yourself: is it possible to download reels from Instagram. And if that is possible, how to do it, can I download reels with audio, is it illegal to do it, among other questions.

If that's your case, I invite you to take a seat, a good coffee and a few minutes of your time to discover the answers.

How to download an Instagram Reel?

Effectively and directly answering your questions without so much beating around the bush, YES IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO IT.



Using Apple Shortcuts. It is now possible to download Instagram reels with the help of a simple Apple shortcut.

The first step is to open Routine Hub on your iPhone and find the Download reels shortcut. Once you have downloaded this shortcut, open it up and enter in the URL of the Instagram reel that you wish to save. You will then be prompted to confirm that you would like to download the video, after which point it should begin downloading automatically into your camera roll or photo library.

It is important to note that this feature only works with iPhones running iOS 14 or later. If you are using an older version of iOS, unfortunately this method will not work for you.