Improving Your Daily Commute With Apple Shortcuts

Improve your speed when moving from one place to another, with these great Apple shortcuts that will help you in your daily routes.

Improving Your Daily Commute With Apple Shortcuts

Knowing the shortest route to anywhere can save you a lot of your daily time. Especially if you have several stops in your day-to-day life at different points in your city, it is very important to be able to optimize each route as much as possible. This way, you can get everything done in the shortest time possible and increase your effectiveness and productivity. Besides, who doesn't like to get home as early as possible after a long day?

Fortunately, there are many shortcuts on Routine Hub that use the GPS functions on your iPhone to make your life easier. In this article we present you the 3 best shortcuts to improve your daily commute, find nearby places and plan your routes, let's get started!



Cari is a shortcut developed by @mvan231, it works as an all-in-one driving assistant, as it has multiple functions to reach your favorite destinations, find new places to visit, and find the direction to your next event, all this, using only your voice from setup to use.

Cari will provide you with a hands-free experience from setup to the end of the ride to give you the following advantages

Friendly and warm information based on the time of day.

Cari uses voice recognition to provide a 100% hands-free experience, it will ask you some questions and, depending on your answer, it will perform different actions such as checking if you have an upcoming event or if you tell it that you have to go somewhere it will calculate the best route, time and distance from your location to the place you want to go.

But Cari does more than that, it also includes support for playing music through Apple Music during your trip and in the latest updates you can add notes just by telling Cari, it even includes support for playing the latest Podcast you have listened to on any of these platforms:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Castbox
  • Overcast
  • Pocket Casts

On top of that, it will also provide you with a weather report based on your current location.

Let’s Go!


This shortcut is developed by @PaRkThEcAr, its function is simple but useful: it pulls information from your calendar and determines if there are any events on your day. If it finds one, it will extract the location of that event and, with Siri's voice, tell you about your trip (date, event name, arrival time and weather conditions), pull up the navigation and play the audio. If you have nothing on your calendar, it will take you home. If you are at home and have nothing, just play the audio.

A curious fact is that this shortcut has inspired the development of our previous shortcut Cari that includes more functions, although if you are looking for something more basic, Let's Go works great.

Find It! - Search, Tap and Go!


This shortcut will help you find all kinds of places near you, be it cafes, restaurants or any place of interest. Developed by @creedx12, it works easily for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Tap on a category and get the location of the services around you marked by different color.

Color coding makes it easy to find the places closest to you. Green means closest, yellow means close, and red means a little far away. By color coding the distances, it is much easier to visualize the location making it easier for anyone to understand.

Before finishing the post...

These shortcuts are great, and each one has been developed to satisfy a need for each type of user, the credit goes entirely to the community developers for such brilliant work, special thanks to the developers @mvan231 and @martindb1988, who besides having participated in the development of the amazing shortcuts in this list, helped to spread the work of the community through this selection of shortcuts.