What's new this week on RoutineHub

What's new this week on RoutineHub

In the past two weeks, many important things have happened. We had the live vent with Brandon Jordan, creator of Cherri Language, who gave us a demonstration of what can be done with Cherri. His story shows the power of passion and perseverance.

Additionally, OpenJelly has finally been announced, the IDE that promises to change how we program on mobile devices.

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New Shortcuts

Labylle Translate

A dynamic Apple Shortcut that offers quick and accurate translation and transcription services.

AI Transcript Note

The notes but better and without headaches.

Character Counter

Extracts text from images and counts the number of characters included.

AI News

Search on the web and rewrite this for better result. Powered by ChatGPT and Perplexity.

Charge Time

When you click on it it shows how long until your iDevice is fully charged.


Translate text/images/voice to any language you want!

Last week's highlights from web

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz about the new iOS 18 update. We are also eager to see what else happens, so here are some rumors for you. 🌐✨

We're starting strong with rumors of the integration of Calendar and Reminders. MacRumors has more information on how it will work and their sources.

There are also rumors about the integration of AI in iOS.

Special mention goes to RoutineHub's crowdfunding campaign, which aims to continue the development of OpenJelly, an IDE designed for shortcut development.

The Latest from the Blog

We've been actively promoting more IDEs on our blog to explore and expand how to create Apple Shortcuts. The possibilities are endless.

RoutineHub 🤝 Open Jellycuts
RoutineHub is proud to partner with the Jellycuts to bring you #OpenJelly.
Getting started with Jellycuts: a development environment for Apple shortcuts
Lately, we’ve been writing about the IDEs available for shortcuts, and we’ve interviewed several significant developers who have done extraordinary work. Our most recent interview was with ActuallyTaylor, the developer behind Jellycuts. Although we assume that everyone in the Apple Shortcuts community knows about Jellycuts, we believe there are many
Tutorial to Create an Image Converter Shortcut with Jellycuts
Welcome to our tutorial on using Jellycuts, a dynamic tool for iOS that lets you create powerful shortcuts with a coding twist. Here, we’re focusing on a particularly useful task: converting images to different formats. This shortcut is perfect for quickly changing image formats for various needs, from adjusting
How to Send WhatsApp Messages to Unregistered Numbers on iPhone
For those who often use WhatsApp for chatting, having to save a number before sending a message can be a hassle. Luckily, with OneTouch WhatsApp, an Apple Shortcut created by @chetanisinanand, this becomes much easier. This article will guide you on how to use OneTouch WhatsApp to send messages to


It's time to support new developments.

The crowdfunding campaign for OpenJelly has been launched on Gitcoin. The goal is to support the mobile coding IDE to provide more tools for shortcut developers. Here are more details: https://routinehub.link/openjelly-announcement

If you have any questions about how to donate, you can use this video for support or contact us through our socials, and we will help you.

If you missed our live event with Brandon Jordan, the creator of Cherri, you can watch it on Spotify or here.

Shortcut Review Sessions

We want to invite you to our upcoming live event, where we'll be reviewing shortcuts with leading developers in the community. Join us and submit yours to be featured in our live event.

The appointment is set for the next May 8th, 2024.

Jump into our Discord to stay in the loop!: https://discord.gg/2prYfrSUmc

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